Install from https://notepad-plus-plus.org/


In View -> Show Symbol -> Show White Space and TAB
In Settings -> Preferences…, select Language, check “Replace by space”, the Tab size is 4, doesn’t change.

Edit shortcuts

Save: Ctrl + s
Copy: Ctrl + c
Paste: Ctrl + v
Cut: Ctrl + x
To duplicate the line with the cursor or the selected text: Ctrl + d
To move the line with the cursor or the selected text: Shift + Ctrl + (Up arrow or Down arrow)
To move from one word to the next one: Ctrl + (Right or Left arrow)
To select some characters: Shift + arrows
To select some words: Shift + Ctrl + (Right or Left arrow)


When the new characters overwrite previous ones, it is because it is in Overwrite mode. Type the “Insert” key to change from insert mode (INS) to overwrite mode (OVR). INS or OVR appears in the lower right corner of the application.

Other shortcuts

Change to another application: Alt + Tab