Software Engineering for Computer Graphics - Winter 2020

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Tecnun. University of Navarra

Session 1. Drawing in the browser

HTML, the language to create web pages. Canvas, the element to draw. JavaScript, the language to draw.

Session 2. Animation

Loops to draw animations. Time in animation. Animated images.

-> Settings | Preferences | Network | "Disable cache (while DevTools is open)"

Session 3. Interaction

Include the user in the loop. Interaction with the mouse. Interaction with the keyboard.

Session 4. Drawing in 3D

Adding the third dimension. Transforming in 3D. Libraries for 3D drawing.

Session 5: Modeling objects

Defining objects. Using warehouses and stores.

Session 6: Importing objects

Include 3D objects in our application. Lighting.

Session 7: Animation in 3D

Movement in 3D. Translations, rotations and animations.

Session 8: Interaction in 3D

Integrating the different elements to develop an interactive 3D application.

Session 9: Project

Define, design and build a project.

Session 10: Project and Wrap Up

Complete the project and wrap up of the course.




Books source code

HTML5 Canvas Physics for JavaScript Games, Animation, and Simulations



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